Circle of the Air
9 Druids and their students are responsible for helping the Farmers and Wardens produce rapid harvests of food and lumber. Each trains an apprentice. Apprentices spend their time in the community helping family gardens bloom and flourish.

overseen by the Academy

This coalition of smiths, carpenters, tinkers, and rope makers are responsible for keeping the motes of Alterra bound together and safely traversable by the populous. The
Bridges Guild is the most important responsibility of the dwarven clan heads.

the farmers of the Three Hills are among the most powerful factions in Alterra as the entire population depends upon them for food.

Under the supervision of the Circle of the Air, the Wardens protect the forest that surrounds The Source and oversee The Great Hunt. Hunting and logging are extremely restricted and only occur under the watchful eye of the Wardens.

One Halfling clan has near exclusive fishing rights to The Lake. Exception: the poor are traditionally allowed to fish from the shores and piers of The Lake to feed their families.

Coalition of clergy of the minor and racial faiths of Alterra. the (main faith) keeps a watchful eye on this guild, tolerating other faiths, so long as they do not undermine the authority of the (main faith).

Shadows Guild
The Shadows Guild is a loose association of merchants, barkeeps, and shop owners that represent the denizens of Undertown. Rumor has it that the right contacts in the Shadows Guild can connect you to a robust black market to access any illegal good and service imaginable.


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