Campaign Artifacts

Armoire of Invincibility
- Requires atunement
- Resistance to all damage
- Can function as Plate+1
- 400lb – 8×6×4
- bull rush knocks prone (giving or receiving)
- Takes an action to get up from prone
- Cannot be placed in planar storage

Staff of One
- Requires atunement
- Per Exiles comic
- Casts any spell one time
- Casts one cantrip as much as you want (maybe)
- Most well-known spells have been cast by prior wielders. PC’s will have to improvise.
- Spells from handbook can be attempted, but DM roles (or chooses) if they work.

Boots of unreasonable speed
- Requires atunement
- Can disengage as a bonus action
- Any time player takes the move action, must use all available speed

Lodestone Hammer
- Requires atunement
- Heavy, 2 handed
- 100lb
- Weapon Attacks with this hammer do an additional 2d12 bludgeoning damage
-You may not make more than 1 attack on a turn you attack with this hammer
- If you miss an attack with this hammer you grant advantage until the start of your next turn and the nearest square(s) occupied by the creature you attacked becomes difficult terrain.

Fairy Wings
- Fly Speed 20
- Always slow fall
- Produce light and glittery dust
- Constitution check after each movement. DC = 1 per foot off the ground at the end of a move. On a fail, loose 20ft of altitude.

Magic Mirror
- Requires atunement
- Can use your action to freely shift between the prime material plan and the (feywild/shadowfell)
- (come up with a DC and penalty for taking others with you)

Sword of Guidance
- Requires atunement
- Can cast guidance as per cleric cantrip
- Once per short rest can cast guidance as a bonus action
- This semi-sentient sword frequently gives unsolicited advice
- Legends of this sword say that it grows in power the more its advice is followed

Campaign Artifacts

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