Alterra Islands

Alterra is comprised of dozens of motes of rocks and earth suspended above a mountain range by a mysterious magic. These motes or “islands” are linked by a complex system of bridges, support scaffolding, chains, ropes and nets maintained by the Bridge Guild. The islands range from a few feet to several acres in size. Across the archipelago are a variety of districts and points of interest.

Centerra is a large mote at the core of both Alterran society and geography. Its most defining geographical feature is a large lake (creatively named, “Centerra Lake”) that occupies its interior. Most common citizens of Alterra live in the Centerra Town which surrounds its banks.

Centerra Locations

Centerra Lake
The lake is fed by a large waterfall, called The Deluge, which tumbles from the 3 Hills farmland on an Island above the Lake’s north bank, The Misty Shore. There are several small tributaries that trickle out from The Lake and feed life-giving water to the islands below. Furthermore, the Bridge Guild maintains several large aqueducts that feed the Nobles District, The Mountain, and the Academy.

The Fisheries
When The Source undergoes its monthly worldfall each new moon, the river is filled with freshwater fish that make their way through the upper islands and eventually tumble over the Deluge into Centerra Lake. From this stock the Fischer clan of halflings has created and maintain fisheries around the lake to supply a steady supply of meat to Alterra. Although the poor are permitted to fish from shore or dock with hook and line to feed their families , the Council has granted the Fishers exclusive commercial fishing rights to Centerra Lake. Although looked down upon (literally and socially) by the noble houses and clan heads of other races, control of the fisheries has afforded the small folk a strong voice in the community. Additionally,

The Marketplace
Most trade in Alterra happens in the shops, market stalls and merchant tents jumbled together along the lake’s western shore. Most Alterran meat is fish from the lake, but meat from the ranch and even game from the the Great Hunt each month are readily available for those who have the coin. Dwarves and gnomes peddle the forged wares, hearty brews, and convenient contraptions created by the Denizens of The Mountain. The monks of the Vineyard sell wines and produce in equal parts. Many an elderly graduate from The Academy sells medicines, rare herbs, and strange potions.

The Misty Shore – Saints’ Row
This district of small churches and temples lies in on the north shore of the lake behind The Deluge. Save a few hours each morning and afternoon, this group of shrines lies in the shadow of the 3 Hills and is frequently covered by fog from the deluge. Although many faiths are practiced in Alterra, pressure from the Church of (main religion) keeps most other official places of worship relegated to the dim, damp shores of Saints’ Row.

The Mountain
The great brewery
The High Hall – Where the dwarven clan leaders meets, work, drink, and fight.
The Great Forge
Tinker Town – Gnome district
The Observatory – Academy outpost on the far side of the Mountain.
The Crags – a few goat heard and lookout towers on top of the island

The Source
The 100 Acre Wood
The Lodge
The Sawmill
The Spring

The 3 Hills
The largest island in Alterra is home to most of its agriculture. The 3 Hills on the mote – The groves, the Pasture, and the Ranch – surround a small central valley called the Heartland. Farmers and druids work together through spring, summer and autumn to produce a near constant harvest of crops that feed the populace.

The Groves
One of The 3 Hills is devoted entirely to produce. Thanks to Bloom rituals performed by Alterran druids, the Groves are in a constant state of harvest for 3 seasons every year.

A small plain between the 3 Hills where grain is continually planted, magically rushed to maturity by the Circle of the Air, and harvested.

The Mill
The Grainery
The Ranch
Farmer Jenkins Estate

Lesser Islands and Clusters
The Noble District
The Academy
The Palace

Notable Minor Islands
The Lighthouse
The Dragon’s Roost
The Vinyard

Alterra Islands

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